Analog / Digital Setup : the best of both worlds

Room design and acoustics

Custom made Bass traps and Jocavi panels
Room tuned by
Wifi + daylight + air conditioning


Main speakers : Kii Three BXT System
Alternative Speakers : ATC SCM-25, Yamaha NS-10M STUDIO, Auratones, Genelecs 1030
Burl B26 ORCA
Cables : Grimm audio SQM and Vovox Excelsus

Converters & Clock

Lavry Gold Savitr AD-24-200
Lavry Gold DA-N5 Quintessence
Burl B2 Bomber DAC & ADC
3x Avid HD I/O

Analog Summing
Burl B32 Vancouver 32x


Knif Eksa ganged + filter
Knif Soma
2x Pultec EQM-1S3
Elysia Museq
Elysia Alpha Compressor
Unfairchild Compressor + Unfa-1
Vacuvox u23m pair
API 5500 EQ
Dangerous BAX EQ
API 2500 Compressor
2x NEVE 1073 Preamp
Tubetech CL-1B
Maestro G2 Vintage fuzz
Apollo X4
OTO BAM Reverb
Eventide H3000 D/SX
Roland Dimension D
Rolands Space Echo RE-201
WEM Copycat Tape Delay (70's)
Melos Echo Chamber
Sansamp PSA-1
Bricasti M7 with midi recall
Roland CE-1
Softube Console 1
Avid Artist Mix, nOb
Coleman TC4
EMAGIC Unitor 8
Many guitar pedals : POG, Ghost Echo, Data Corrupter, Moogerfooger, Strymon, etc.

Computers & Plugins

MacBook Pro M2 MAX  16' SSD 32Gb RAM
Imac 2, Ipad
DAW : Protools HD Native, Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live...
Sonoris DDP Creator
Plugins : DMG, UAD, Waves, Fabfilter, Soundtoys, Audioease, Kush Audio, PSP, Slate Digital, Nugen, Isotope, Melodyne Studio, Goodhertz and many more...

Hardware Synths

Minimoog w midi
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 w midi
Solina String Ensemble
Juno-60 w midi
Juno 106 w midi
Roland RS-09
DX7 Mk1 w midi
Rhodes 1073 MK1
Casio SK-1
Omnichord OM-84

Guitars & Bass

Reverend, Fender, Martin & Co, Epiphone, Silvertone
Amps available for reamping


Telefunken U47
Neumann U67 vintage
Neumann U87 vintage (1974 with battery compartiment)
Neumann M49v pair
EV 635
Latch Lake stands
and many more

Hardware Drum Machines

Linn Drum with MIDI
Roland CR-78
Roland TR-505, 606, 707, 808 with MIDI

Software Synths

Arturia Collection
Roland Cloud
Gforce M-Tron and String Machine
NI Ultimate
and many more...

Software Drums

WA Revolution, Addictive Drums, EZ Drummer, Maschine 2, UVI, Battery and many more...